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The Education Portfolio Engagement Model

How we work together within the Education Portfolio

The Education Portfolio

The Education Portfolio is comprised of the Office for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (OALT), Library Services, and the Digital Life Lab (DLL).

To give our clients the best experience possible, it is essential that we work as a collaborative team. This ensures that our clients will be connected with the right Education Portfolio people at the right time.

What is the Education Portfolio Engagement Model?

To inform how we work together, in 2017, Education Portfolio staff collaborated to develop an engagement model using a human-centred design approach. The aim of the Education Portfolio Engagement Model is to clearly articulate the way we work in order to give our clients a good experience.

The Engagement Model

A visual representation of how we work together

The Engagement Model does not map every possible client journey or interaction within the Education Portfolio, but rather, it represents the flexibility and dynamism that characterises those journeys. Imagine the three concentric rings rotate to create pathways for our partners’ interactions with the Education Portfolio in response to their needs. The diagram represents how each section of the Education Portfolio is connected and can work with every other section.

Clients may have existing relationships with one member in the Education Portfolio but may be better assisted by another section within the Education Portfolio. This representation shows that no matter who the client contacts, they will be assisted by either a hand over, or by collaboration with, another section in the Education Portfolio that can assist.

The engagement model is underpinned by our values and guiding principles

USQ Values

Through our actions we live these values and it is against them that we hold ourselves and others accountable.

Education Portfolio Values

In the Education Portfolio we want to live and lead through our values and be a true ‘values-based’ team. Our values are encapsulated within our Leadership Capability Framework.

Education Portfolio Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles incorporate the USQ values as well as non-negotiables and team principles that were identified by Education Portfolio staff.

We enact the engagement model through organisational and team structures

Education Portfolio Organisational Chart

The Organisational Chart shows the structure of the portfolio.

Engagement Model Team Matrix

We work in horizontal and vertical teams to enact the Engagement Model.

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